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Master Mao Branca - Mr. Guimaraes William Douglas

On March 1976, in Rio de Janeiro, Capoeira mestre Jose Carlos Vicente "Mestre Gigante" founded and registered the capoeira group called "Negrinho de Sinha" Association. In 1989, Mestre Gigante died, leaving the group he created with no reference. Almost four years later, his student William Douglas Guimaraes - better known as Mao Branca - decided to continue where his master left off. He went on to found the "Capoeira Gerais" group in Belo Horizonte in the year 1992.

Gerais - meaning "General" - encompasses the diversity of the group and the richness of Capoeira; it relates to the strife, poetic music, dance, culture and styles of Capoeira.

Mestre Mao Branca has continued to train and initiate four other masters; three of which continue to train in the Capoeira Gerais group - Mestre Paulao, Mestre Antonio Dias, and Mestre Railson.


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