NEWS > WCF elects new President and Chair of Council of Masters

The World Capoeira Federation elected Mr Paulo Sales Neto (better known as Mestre Paulao Ceara) as new President of WCF, and elected Mr Luiz Alberto Simas (Mestre Boneco) as a new Chairman of Council of Masters .  

"I will do everything possible to promote sportive Capoeira worldwide keeping its cultural aspects. I am truly humbled to serve the WCF through this position. Congratulations to Mr Simas on his election as Chair of the Council of Masters"  said Mr Neto the newly elected President.


"Thank you for this opportunity to lead the Council of World Capoeira Masters. I do believe that together we can do even more to rise potential of sportive Capoeira;  a Capoeira which we all dream" said Mr Simas the new Chair of Council of Masters.


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